About Us

AC Project  found with the Association of a professionals team with a long experience and great competencies in the logistics and transport market .


Our objective is  provide our services in an efficient, close and personalized way according to the needs of each client. To get it,  we have a human team, dynamic and operative, that guarantee with their know-how, success in every transport we carry out. We understand that a good service goes beyond a transport without incidents.


We are specialized in project cargo and multimodal transport to any part of the world. Our experience endorse and puts us in a strategic position in the market. We also have the support of  worldwide agents that allows control each delivery in a rigorous way.


Committed to the environment and humanitarian actions, we allocate a part of our resource in social actions, outside and within our borders.

Our philosophy is seriousness, credibility and flexibility in work, everything conducting to guarantee our clients the development of their business.

The confidence between our team and our clients is the maximum to achieve our goal. Available where and when the customer needs us, because his success is ours.


You can download the Company Profile in PDF here: Eur1